From the Midwest to the Southwest: Growing My Support System and Embracing Change


On a rainy day in September, I stood in the garage of my old house is Kansas City and began to cry. There in the driveway, sat a giant U-Haul truck, the truck that would carry whatever worldly possessions we could manage to fit in the back to our new home and our new life […]

Two Years Post-Diagnosis: A Redefining


Three weeks ago (September 12th), was the two year anniversary of my narcolepsy diagnosis.  It was a day of celebration, reveling in the beauty of being alive to see another day – narcolepsy or not.  I spent the evening and the next day being thankful for all that I’ve learned through the experience of being […]

March #NChat Recap : The Support Conundrum

This month’s #NChat on Saturday, March 2nd, was all about support – both for people with narcolepsy and for people who care for a person with narcolepsy.  Like all chats, this one uncovered meaningful trends in the community in one quick hour.  Some themes I noticed: The narcolepsy community wishes there were more updated materials […]

2013 Children’s TLC Groundhog Run Recap: I Believe


On Sunday, January 27th, I set out to run my first 5K in a year. There were obstacles in my way, threatening to stop me. Everything from a lack of training to getting sick to race day challenges hit me. Yet I learned that my biggest obstacle that I had to overcome was learning to […]

Welcome to the New Strides Against Narcolepsy

Merry Almost-Christmas!   I’m happy to announce the new Strides Against Narcolepsy!  As you can see, it looks a little bit different.  There are still some bells and whistles I’d like to add, but I was too exited not to share what I’ve done with a lot of help from Katie, a fellow PWN and  web […]

Strides Against Narcolepsy Site Revamp

My blog will become unavailable sometime today through the next couple of days while I work with my partner in crime on getting things going for the brand spankin’ new site. I’m super excited to share it with y’all when it’s ready. Thanks for your patience!

Interruption in Regularly Scheduled Posting

I’ve been trying to write a post for the past three days, yet everything going on in my own life seems so unimportant in light of the events in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. As a mother and someone with a large capacity for empathy, it has been difficult to watch the news or to even […]