Interview with Julie Flygare, Author of “Wide Awake and Dreaming” Plus A Chance to Win A Signed Copy of Her Book


Browsing through the reviews 47 reviews already left on Amazon (and kicking myself for not leaving one of my own yet), I noticed some common themes from those who have read Julie Flygare’s “Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy.” One such theme was that for people with narcolepsy, reading can be a challenge. I […]

Julie Flygare’s “Wide Awake and Dreaming” E-Book Available for Free Christmas Day

Julie Flygare’s much anticipated memior will be available for download on the Kindle on December 25th from 12:00am PST to 11:59pm PST.  While this book is certainly a must-read for people with narcolepsy, it is also a story that will touch the hearts of those who do not have narcolepsy.  It will inspire fellow runners […]

Wednesday Words of Wisdom for the Weary: Support

With only a fraction of the population – about 0.04% – being diagnosed with narcolepsy, it can seem difficult to find support. While I have a loving husband who provides a source of strength for me, it is sometimes necessary for me to find other people fighting the same fight. To find others who can […]

Book Review: Narcoleptic Sunday

Looking for a quick read featuring a character with narcolepsy? In Narcoleptic Sunday, we meet Jack Larch, a person with narcolepsy who finds himself caught up in a murder mystery when he wakes up next to a lover he just met, only to find her dead. In my quest to find literature by or about […]

Raising Narcolepsy Awareness Among School Faculty and Staff

The first time I recall falling asleep in class was in history class in 7th grade.   The teacher was showing part of a documentary and had turned off the lights.  Boring history movie, darkened room….it’s a lovely setup for a nap.  An uncontrollable urge hit, and I put my head down, falling asleep instantly.  I […]

Reading List: Barefoot in November

Being on spring break this week, I decided to read a couple of books. First, I read Pride and Prejudice. For the next couple of days, I had a tendency to ramble in an older English type of speaking. I ended up skimming that book just to get through it. It was wordy, stalled at […]

How to “Deal” with Narcolepsy: Part One, What IS this Narcolepsy Thing?

One of the narcolepsy support groups I am a member of reminded me of why I decided to write the series “How to ‘Deal’ With Narcolepsy.”  The member posted the following question:  Do you ever feel like everybody thinks narcolepsy is a joke and nobody really understands how embarrassing and frustrating it is? The focus […]