Officially in Training Mode

Last weekend marked eight weeks until the Children’s TLC Groundhog Run. This is the race my husband and I ran together last year and decided we would do annually as part of our anniversary celebration. He and I have been so fortunate to have a beautiful life together that we wanted to find a way […]

Just Blame the Treadmill

In my post about starting Operation: ME, I said I was going to run this past Saturday.  It didn’t happen.  It didn’t happen Sunday either.  It was a sleepy weekend.  Because I’ve been such a grump lately, the hubs and I had a nice heart to heart on Sunday where I came clean about all […]

Before you can move forward, you gotta remember where you’ve been

Beautiful motivation to stay awake

With two days to go until the Virtual Run/Walk for Narcolepsy, it occurred to me that I’ve neglected to share MY story…. I’ve been a sleepy person as long as I can remember. My parents were divorced and lived three hours apart, meaning we had to make weekend trips once a month to go visit […]

A Missed Race and a Medal

After all that talk and all that work getting myself pumped up, I ended up missing today’s race. However, mom-life trumps all other aspects of life, and my baby girl had a gymnastics thing today. I totally messed up and thought the race was in the morning, but they didn’t start the 5K until 1:00. […]

Pre-Race Jitters

Fully charged Garmin Forerunner? Check. New running shoes broken in this week? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Spunky new running skirt? Check! Confidence? Confidence? Uh…hello? Where are you, Confidence? Must be sleeping… Tomorrow is the Mighty Melody Miracle Marathon/10K/5K/Fun Run – my first race since January. As always, I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to […]

Exploring My City By Foot: Missouri Korean War Memorial

One of my favorite things about running is getting to explore by foot. Wednesday’s run ended up showing me quite a little gem. It was sunny and high-70’s as I trotted down the sidewalk. Feeling warm and thirsty, I turned down a path weaving through a small park to snag a few sips of water […]

Making a Comeback for the Mighty Melody Miracle Marthon/10K/5K

Is it possible to schedule a comeback? I just did! Prior to messing up my back, I’d registered for a race every month through the month of June. Of course, I missed the February, March, and April races. However, this May race…..I just can’t let it go. Melody Unger, the beneficiary of the Mighty Melody […]

Monday Motivation

I ran today. Well, more like a shuffle. I felt weighed down, sluggish, and my breathing was out of control. After taking several weeks off due to injury and then a few more due to a nasty cold, I am officially out of shape again and slow as a snail. The pace of my first […]

PT Week 6 – An Ongoing Process

This week was my sixth week of physical therapy and my EIGHTH week of not running.  Time flies, even when you’re not having fun. 😉  Even though abstaining from running has not been ideal, I have learned a lot.  Hopefully, we I do start running again, I can do it smartly. I’m happy to report […]

PT Week 5 : It wasn’t supposed to be this long…

I’ve never been good at relaxing.  My husband gets onto me quite often because even when I’m struggling to hold my own head up or my eyes open, I still try to push through the fogginess.  However, it doesn’t work in my favor.  When I try to push too hard to stay awake, I end […]