PT Week 4 – Discouraged but still hopeful

This past week was supposed to have been my last week of physical therapy. Life decided to throw me another curve ball. The pain in my hip hasn’t let up since I started PT, and my back pain continues to wax and wane. Therefore, I’m still going, though next week it will be two times […]

A win, no matter how small, is still a win

“Do you want to try jogging for a bit?” asked my physical therapist, Jen. Heck yes! I’ve been making slow progress over the last four weeks in physical therapy. Slower than I expected. Slower than I wanted. Discouraging thoughts had really begun to settle this week, especially after I was told I would not be […]

PT Week 3 – Almost There! (Hopefully.)

Today was a bit of a drag.  The Westport run was today….one I’d signed up for and was really excited about.  I moped around for a bit this morning, feeling ache-y and annoyed. This past week was the third week of physical therapy.  Like last week, there were highs and lows.  I got on the […]

PT Week 2 – Halfway Mark

PT started out as physical torture.  Then, it moved a little bit more to physical therapy.  Now?  A friend of mine put it best – personal training.  Pool therapy especially feels like a glorified core workout designed to strengthen muscles that support that back without causing strain on my injury.  It seems to help, but […]

PT Week 1

As part of my recovery from my back/hip injury, I was prescribed physical therapy three times a week for four weeks. Each week, two of the sessions will be in the water and one will be on land. Last week was week one, though I was only able to fit in one water therapy and […]


Today, I found out that I’m not going to be able to run the Rock the Parkway half marathon in April.  In fact, I won’t be doing any races for several weeks at least.  I have been shifted from the injured list to the bench. The exact cause of my hip pain is still unknown.  […]

On the Injured List

Has there ever been a runner that has never been injured?  I was hoping to have that claim to fame, but it’s not going to happen.  Ladies and gentlemen (or juggleman as my 3 year old says), I am on the injured list. I do not know what the heck I have done to my […]

Strength In Numbers

Today was a big day for me. I set a personal record for distance – 5.25 miles (5.2 according to my Garmin Forerunner, but my friend’s said 5.25 so I’m going with that haha). Prior to today’s run, the farthest I’d gone was about 3.5 miles. So what happened today? I learned the power of […]

Children’s TLC 30:4:30 Challenge

The next 5K race I’m running is for Children’s TLC. My husband and I are participating along with our friend. The race also happens to be on our 2nd wedding anniversary, January 29th, 2012. I’m hoping we can make running a race or doing something to give back to others to celebrate all that we […]

Navigating the Trail and Then Some

Winter used to be the season I dreaded. In some ways, I still do. The darkness adds to my sleepiness. The cold weather keeps me indoors, munching on sweet treats. Last year, though, the ice and snow kept us cooped up for days. This winter has been mild in contrast. Here it is December 26th, […]