A Missed Race and a Medal

After all that talk and all that work getting myself pumped up, I ended up missing today’s race. However, mom-life trumps all other aspects of life, and my baby girl had a gymnastics thing today. I totally messed up and thought the race was in the morning, but they didn’t start the 5K until 1:00. […]

Pre-Race Jitters

Fully charged Garmin Forerunner? Check. New running shoes broken in this week? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Spunky new running skirt? Check! Confidence? Confidence? Uh…hello? Where are you, Confidence? Must be sleeping… Tomorrow is the Mighty Melody Miracle Marathon/10K/5K/Fun Run – my first race since January. As always, I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to […]

Making a Comeback for the Mighty Melody Miracle Marthon/10K/5K

Is it possible to schedule a comeback? I just did! Prior to messing up my back, I’d registered for a race every month through the month of June. Of course, I missed the February, March, and April races. However, this May race…..I just can’t let it go. Melody Unger, the beneficiary of the Mighty Melody […]

Children’s TLC 30:4:30 Challenge

The next 5K race I’m running is for Children’s TLC. My husband and I are participating along with our friend. The race also happens to be on our 2nd wedding anniversary, January 29th, 2012. I’m hoping we can make running a race or doing something to give back to others to celebrate all that we […]

The First of Many Races

It was a brisk, November morning, about 50 degrees and perfect for running.  As I approached the park where the race began and ended, I heard music playing.  People were talking excitedly and passionately on the sidelines as runners jogged in place or stretched one last time.  As the emcee announced that the race would […]