October #Nchat Recap

This month, #Nchat kicked into high gear with one of the best attendance rates so far!  From embarrassing moments to how we’d spend the day symptom free, we chatted about a wide variety of subjects this month.  As always, if you have any questions or topics you’d like to suggest for #Nchat, feel free to send me […]

September #Nchat Recap: Happy Anniversary, #Nchat!

September 7th was the one year anniversary of #Nchat, the monthly Twitter narcolepsy chat I and two other people with narcolepsy host.  When I suggested we try a Twitter chat, I wasn’t sure how it would be received.  It’s really cool to see that people are enjoying the chats and are benefitting from them!  Thank […]

July #Nchat Recap

July 6th, 2013, marked the 11th Twitter narcolepsy chat, #nchat.  It is hard to believe what started as a little idea to help people with narcolepsy communicate with other people with narcolepsy has become such a wonderful tool for finding answers, advice, and support.  This month, questions came from the suggestions participants wrote in the survey that […]

June #Nchat Recap

I have much to update on since my last post almost two months ago.  First, I want to share the June #Nchat recap.  This was the tenth #Nchat and one of my personal favorites!  While we suffer differently as individuals, we have so much in common.  I’m so honored to be a part of the […]

March Narcolepsy Twitter Chat, #Nchat, Saturday, March 2nd, 2pm EST

The next Twitter narcolepsy chat, aka #Nchat, is scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. (The time was pushed up a few hours in hopes of accommodating our international participants a little better.) This month’s topic is “Support.” Questions will be tailored specifically for PWN and for those supporting PWN. To learn […]

January #Nchat Recap: Watch Out 2013

Source: tumblr.com via Heather on Pinterest   January’s #NChat was nothing short of epic. For one, attendence was the largest we’ve seen so far with a healthy amount of “regulars” along with the addition of five new people to the chat. Participants were from the US, Germany, Ireland, and the UK. That’s right; #Nchat is […]

First #Nchat of 2013 Saturday, January 5th

If you have not attended a Twitter #Nchat, it’s time to make it a New Year’s resolution! On Saturday, January 5th, we will discuss goals for treatment, goals for raising awareness, and more. Join us at 5pm Eastern. Click here to read about the December #Nchat. Do you have question/topic ideas? Comment below or send […]

December #Nchat Recap

The December #Nchat covered various topics from raising awareness to managing symptoms during the holiday season. Some common themes I noticed: There are so many ways people work to raise awareness. It makes me wonder how much more we could get done if we worked together on initiatives as a group instead of one person […]

Narcolepsy Twitter Chat Saturday, December 1st!

Get ready for another Twitter chat THIS Saturday at 5pm Eastern! Use hashtag #Nchat.  To read about last month’s chat, read this post. Do you have question/topic ideas?  Comment below or send them to stridesagainstnarcolepsy@gmail.com.  To learn more about making the most of a Twitter chat, check out this Quick Guide to Twitter Chats.  Hope […]

November #Nchat Recap: The Road to Diagnosis

Thank you to everyone who attended the November #Nchat on Twitter on November 3rd.  These chats are a great way to share experiences and to ask advice from others who may have been faced with the same problem.  This month, the chat was focused on the road to diagnosis and revealed instances of misdiagnosis, lack […]