Words of Wisdom for the Weary: Exercise and Eating

This week’s Words of Wisdom for the Weary comes from a comment on a post from last week. I wanted to mention it for a post because I think the information is important. I am enjoying your blog. My 14 year old has narcolepsy with cataplexy . We are new at this. We are trying […]

Monday Motivation: The Secret to Happiness

Source: bodyhack.com via Heather on Pinterest My husband and I watch a lot of reality TV, particularly shows like Intervention and Teen Mom (yep, he watches Teen Mom willingly). A lot of the stories get me on my soapbox, and I start ranting. If I happen to keep quiet, my husband asks, “What does Heather-psychology […]

Monday Motivation: Focus

Source: iheartinspiration.com via Amber on Pinterest   I love this! It’s a great reminder to focus on working towards a specific goal instead of worrying about how fast you’re getting there.

Start Stridin’

My house is full of remnants of past (failed) attempts to get into shape. In the basement, there stands a Bowflex, a treadmill, and a stationary bike. Scattered on the shelf are miscellaneous DVDs – P90X, Insanity, pilates, etc, etc. I have weighted balls, resistance bands, and a thing you put around your waist while […]