Balancing Act: Symptom Management and Medication Side-Effects


It has been weeks since I’ve posted anything of substance about my own condition.  The winter has been long and dark.  I’ve felt largely unmotivated and unproductive after work, not making time to do much else besides cook dinner for the family and spend some time with them before using the last hour and a […]



As a child, I had a lot of dreams where I could float.  I’d jump high into the air and float through the clouds before slowly dropping back down to Earth.  Sometimes I could even fly.  I’d fly over fields of flowers with such a realistic feel that I sometimes swore I could smell the flowers.  I […]

A Crazy Narcolepsy Night and an Attack of the Ceiling Fan

The last month has been a bustle of activity.  My daughter turned 4.  My husband and I went on vacation.  Work has been busy, and I’ve been trying to get back into a consistent exercise routine.   Our busy lifestyle has me not making the most healthy decisions when it comes to eating.  Dining out on […]

A Rollercoaster of a Week

Boomerang at Worlds of Fun (source:

When I was nine years old, my family went to Six Flags in St. Louis. It was there that I conquered my fear of rollercoasters and fell in love with thrill rides. My dad kept trying convince me to ride on the Screamin’ Eagle the entire day, but I refused. It seemed way too scary. […]

Slow and steady and gluten-free

It was a Thursday night in May when I decided to go on Xyrem.  I was driving through an intersection on my way home from work when a policeman also crossed the intersection perpendicularly to me.   He was already headed towards me before he turned on his siren or I wouldn’t have gone through my […]

Monday Motivation: The Secret to Happiness

Source: via Heather on Pinterest My husband and I watch a lot of reality TV, particularly shows like Intervention and Teen Mom (yep, he watches Teen Mom willingly). A lot of the stories get me on my soapbox, and I start ranting. If I happen to keep quiet, my husband asks, “What does Heather-psychology […]

Wednesday Words of Wisdom for the Weary: HH, Dream, or Real?

This week, I am the one that needs some words of wisdom. Last night, hubby came to bed at around 1:00am. It woke me up when he got in bed. Since it had been about 2.5 hours since the first dose of Xyrem, it was still in my system. I tried to wake up to […]

Renovations Galore

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet the last couple of weeks. Lots has been happening in my little corner of this great planet. I’m in the midst of several renovation projects – in my house, in my diet, in my medicine cabinet – you name it, it’s probably being renovated. Hubby’s parents […]

A Drug Holiday is No Vacation

Last October, my husband and I had the chance to take a child-free vacation.  We drove to Destin, Florida, and enjoyed a full week of relaxing, sight-seeing, and talking about whatever we wished without censorship or interruption.  The vacation was so awesome that we have pledged to repeat it again every year. Two weeks ago, […]

Wednesday Words of Wisom for the Weary

Last week, we talked about the fear of passing narcolepsy and cataplexy to our children. If you missed the post, you can view it here. There haven’t been a lot of comments on the blog, but there have been lots of people chiming in on the Narcolepsy Network Facebook group, so be sure to check […]