Dream Diary: A Visit from My Zombie Grandma and the Lesson She Taught Me

Grandma Sue

I was visited by my dead grandmother two nights ago in my dreams. Ugh. It was awful. Well, actually, her appearance was awful, but the message she sent during this visit was nice. Before I explain, let me share a little bit about my grandma. My dad’s mother, Grandma Sue, was very much into appearances. Her […]

#HAWMC Day 6: Dear (or not so Dear) Narcolepsy


Today’s prompt is to write a letter to your condition – what do you want to get off your chest? Dear Narcolepsy, I hate that you cause me to not get the restorative sleep necessary to commit things that happen to memory. I cannot remember my daughter’s first word, her first experience with solid food, […]



As a child, I had a lot of dreams where I could float.  I’d jump high into the air and float through the clouds before slowly dropping back down to Earth.  Sometimes I could even fly.  I’d fly over fields of flowers with such a realistic feel that I sometimes swore I could smell the flowers.  I […]