Pre-Race Jitters

Fully charged Garmin Forerunner? Check. New running shoes broken in this week? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Spunky new running skirt? Check! Confidence? Confidence? Uh…hello? Where are you, Confidence? Must be sleeping… Tomorrow is the Mighty Melody Miracle Marathon/10K/5K/Fun Run – my first race since January. As always, I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to […]

Checking Myself Before I Wreck Myself

A mile and a half into my treadmill run yesterday, I felt a twinge in my lower back. The pain crept through my left glute, into my hip, and down my leg. Knowing it meant a flare up of sciatica, I stopped immediately and sat in the floor to begin stretching. My hip popped as […]

Making a Comeback for the Mighty Melody Miracle Marthon/10K/5K

Is it possible to schedule a comeback? I just did! Prior to messing up my back, I’d registered for a race every month through the month of June. Of course, I missed the February, March, and April races. However, this May race…..I just can’t let it go. Melody Unger, the beneficiary of the Mighty Melody […]

Monday Motivation – Find your “word”

We all lack motivation sometimes. Motivation to do the mundane, like load the dishwasher or pick up your child’s toys. Motivation to stop talking about getting in shape and actually get your ass to the gym for your workout. Motivation to stop fooling around on Facebook and finish a task at work. Whatever the case […]

PT Week 6 – An Ongoing Process

This week was my sixth week of physical therapy and my EIGHTH week of not running.  Time flies, even when you’re not having fun. 😉  Even though abstaining from running has not been ideal, I have learned a lot.  Hopefully, we I do start running again, I can do it smartly. I’m happy to report […]

PT Week 5 : It wasn’t supposed to be this long…

I’ve never been good at relaxing.  My husband gets onto me quite often because even when I’m struggling to hold my own head up or my eyes open, I still try to push through the fogginess.  However, it doesn’t work in my favor.  When I try to push too hard to stay awake, I end […]

PT Week 4 – Discouraged but still hopeful

This past week was supposed to have been my last week of physical therapy. Life decided to throw me another curve ball. The pain in my hip hasn’t let up since I started PT, and my back pain continues to wax and wane. Therefore, I’m still going, though next week it will be two times […]

A win, no matter how small, is still a win

“Do you want to try jogging for a bit?” asked my physical therapist, Jen. Heck yes! I’ve been making slow progress over the last four weeks in physical therapy. Slower than I expected. Slower than I wanted. Discouraging thoughts had really begun to settle this week, especially after I was told I would not be […]

PT Week 3 – Almost There! (Hopefully.)

Today was a bit of a drag.  The Westport run was today….one I’d signed up for and was really excited about.  I moped around for a bit this morning, feeling ache-y and annoyed. This past week was the third week of physical therapy.  Like last week, there were highs and lows.  I got on the […]

PT Week 2 – Halfway Mark

PT started out as physical torture.  Then, it moved a little bit more to physical therapy.  Now?  A friend of mine put it best – personal training.  Pool therapy especially feels like a glorified core workout designed to strengthen muscles that support that back without causing strain on my injury.  It seems to help, but […]