Monday Motivation: The Secret to Happiness

Source: via Heather on Pinterest My husband and I watch a lot of reality TV, particularly shows like Intervention and Teen Mom (yep, he watches Teen Mom willingly). A lot of the stories get me on my soapbox, and I start ranting. If I happen to keep quiet, my husband asks, “What does Heather-psychology […]

Monday Motivation…on Tuesday

Beautiful persistence captured by National Geographic

I apologize for the late post. Yesterday kicked my rear end. Work was really busy, and by the time I had a few minutes to myself once I got home, fed the kiddo, and spent time with her, I was too exhausted to think straight. Source: via Heather on Pinterest defines persistence […]

Monday Motivation: Finding the Positive Amongst the Negative

Whew, what a day! Sorry this post is so late. Source: via Heather on Pinterest   I love this! A friend of mine pinned this on Pinterest. I ended up going to the blog it came from – Hot Mess Princess – and I LOVE this lady. I’m diggin’ her blog about her weight […]

Monday Motivation: What CAN you do?

Anyone suffering from a chronic illness has times when they feel weighed down by all the things they cannot or think they cannot do. For instance, I cannot drive more than about 30 minutes to an hour. My husband no longer wants me to travel anywhere alone. I can’t eat the same way. I can’t […]

Monday Motivation: Focus

Source: via Amber on Pinterest   I love this! It’s a great reminder to focus on working towards a specific goal instead of worrying about how fast you’re getting there.

Pre-Race Jitters

Fully charged Garmin Forerunner? Check. New running shoes broken in this week? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Spunky new running skirt? Check! Confidence? Confidence? Uh…hello? Where are you, Confidence? Must be sleeping… Tomorrow is the Mighty Melody Miracle Marathon/10K/5K/Fun Run – my first race since January. As always, I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to […]

Stand Your Ground

A visit to the neurologist/sleep specialist today has left me in a bit of a funk. I’m fortunate to have a knowledgeable, approachable doctor who listens to all of my concerns and answers all of my questions, even if it requires more time than is typically allotted. (For those of you in the waiting room, […]

Monday Motivation

Right on.

Monday Motivation

Source: via Steffi on Pinterest   This is such a good reminder. Remember, it isn’t about what others are doing, it’s what YOU are doing that matters. What is something you could change today that would improve your life?

Monday Motivation

I ran today. Well, more like a shuffle. I felt weighed down, sluggish, and my breathing was out of control. After taking several weeks off due to injury and then a few more due to a nasty cold, I am officially out of shape again and slow as a snail. The pace of my first […]