Increasing Energy Levels With Exercise: It Starts With 10 Minutes


This is my daughter.  She’s got the most energy of anyone I know.  Shortly before I snapped this photo, she said, “Mom, I’m feeling a little tired.  I’m going to go get some energy in me.”  She proceeded to the den and began jumping on her little trampoline.  It’s not the first time she has […]



As a child, I had a lot of dreams where I could float.  I’d jump high into the air and float through the clouds before slowly dropping back down to Earth.  Sometimes I could even fly.  I’d fly over fields of flowers with such a realistic feel that I sometimes swore I could smell the flowers.  I […]

Looking Forward: A New Year, A New Hope


Shortly after midnight, the fireworks started. Every year, my neighbors help the entire subdivision ring in the New Year even though some of us were perfectly happy doing so in our sleep. As I lay in bed, waiting for the loud booms to cease, I thought about all the Facebook statuses I’d read about 2012 […]

Tracking Food Intake and Exercise the FUN Way: Introduction to Slimkicker


Recently, I was introduced to a fairly new website called Slimkicker to track diet and exercise.  Since I went on Xyrem back in May, it has become a necessity to track my sodium intake in order to make sure I don’t go overboard during the day so that I don’t have awful muscle cramps when […]

Just Blame the Treadmill

In my post about starting Operation: ME, I said I was going to run this past Saturday.  It didn’t happen.  It didn’t happen Sunday either.  It was a sleepy weekend.  Because I’ve been such a grump lately, the hubs and I had a nice heart to heart on Sunday where I came clean about all […]

Operation ME: Change Starts with Me


“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” -Voltaire This quote was emailed to me today. It was a random newsletter, yet the quote was pertinent. Because I like learning about people and the reasons why certain historical figures are quotable, I turned to Wikipedia. I’ve read some of his writings, but I didn’t […]

Days 3-5: Over and Under… and Stay Away from the Dairy?


I’m nearing the end of my first week of experimenting with the effect of carbohydrates to see if I can get more control over my narcolepsy symptoms.  (To read about the first two days and my battle against Halloween candy, click here.)   Some interesting things have happened over the last few days. On day […]

Days 1 and 2: Meat and Vegetables, Meat and Vegetables…Stay AWAY from the Candy

Holy sweet tooth, Batman!

I took the plunge yesterday and starting cutting those carbs. It wasn’t too terrible, other than I didn’t plan any snacks. By 10:00 yesterday morning, my tummy was rumbling. At the end of the day when I put what I’d eaten in my food journal, I’d barely consumed 1,000 calories. That freaked me out. Thanks […]

Attitude Adjustment

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest     In my last post, I mentioned that I’ve been having a bit of a regression of sorts. The term I used was a “sickly, sleepy, slob” to be exact. I’ve been in a better place compared to where I’m at now. I’ve felt better. As frustrating as […]

A Crazy Narcolepsy Night and an Attack of the Ceiling Fan

The last month has been a bustle of activity.  My daughter turned 4.  My husband and I went on vacation.  Work has been busy, and I’ve been trying to get back into a consistent exercise routine.   Our busy lifestyle has me not making the most healthy decisions when it comes to eating.  Dining out on […]