October #Nchat Recap

This month, #Nchat kicked into high gear with one of the best attendance rates so far!  From embarrassing moments to how we’d spend the day symptom free, we chatted about a wide variety of subjects this month.  As always, if you have any questions or topics you’d like to suggest for #Nchat, feel free to send me a direct message on Twitter, send me an email (stridesagainstnarcolepsy@gmail.com), or simply comment on this post.

Q1. What’s the  most embarrassing thing that has happened as a result of #narcolepsy? #Nchat

A1. Had a full body #cataplexy attack after bowling a turkey (three strikes in a row). Everyone stared at me like I was drunk! #nchat

A1. I feel asleep naked on the couch. Don’t know when it happened or how I got naked, all I remember is it was hot. #Nchat

A1. #nchat a1- my son had cataplexy attack while watching a football game with his buddies!

A1. Yeah, I had some C at my grandfather’s funeral in August…. #nchat

A1. #nchat A1 – Most embarrassing thing related to narcolepsy for me is the cataplexy. I can’t count the # of times it has embarrassed me.

A1: falling asleep under the sound booth at a club. #nchat

A1. My daughter’s falling asleep at awkward times. Prior to her diagnosis, we were traveling and she could not stay awake on subway. #nchat

A1: Define embarrassing? Would going to my first NN conference fall under that. #nchat

A1 My boy is embarrassed after an emotional outburst caused by EDS and pure exhaustion. He is full of remorse and upset after #nchat

A1. My cataplexy causes me to tremor. My hands won’t stay still during many presentations so it appears I’m nervous.

A1. Forgot about falling asleep at the bookstore. Someone woke me up… I was drooling and everything. Not a pretty sight! #nchat

A1. I fell asleep in the front row at the theatre watching a dance company I love. So embarrassing! #Nchat

A1. Umm…falling asleep at a live basketball game? Was in the front row #nchat

A1. No one incident is coming to mind… (poor memory?) Still thinking… #nchat

A1: I told my flatmate I wasn’t sleepy (I was) then fell asleep in my food and spilled curry all over me and my fave chair. #Nchat

A1. falling asleep during oral sex! Granted alcohol was involved. narcolepsy and alcohol are not a good match. #nchat


Q2. What do you think is the ideal job for a person with #narcolepsy? #Nchat

A2. Data entry from home. Piece of cake plus you can take all the naps you want. #Nchat

A2: something with minimal driving, flexible hours, understanding bosses #nchat

A2. Something you’re passionate about!! Preferably can work from home and/or have a flexible schedule. #nchat

#nchat a2- worried about this. Son going to school for graphic arts I’m hoping drawing will keep him asleep & maybe he could work from home

A2. Mattress tester. #nchat.

A2: Anything where you could stay at home & work. Owning my own biz has been a lifesaver for me. #nchat

A2. Ideal job would be one where they can set their own schedule, take breaks as needed. 9-5 usually does not work well. #nchat

A2 something self employed so that work can be done when alert rather than strictly 9-5 #nchat

A2.own your own business! My sleep doctor says I should nap every 4 hours! How can I work for someone? Lol! #nchat

A2 concerns me, I’m in school pursuing vet medicine 😐 #nchat

A2. When I worked outside of the home, it was important for me to be UP and doing stuff. Sitting down = nap time for me. #nchat

A2. Since I changed jobs to one I love and am passionate about? Haven’t had one sleep attack at work!

A2: An honest answer? Only temporary jobs, because I don’t think full time will work out with our life-long disease. Too much stress #nchat

A2.own your own business! My sleep doctor says I should nap every 4 hours! How can I work for someone? Lol! #nchat


Q3. Aside from a service dog, what kind of pet would be best for a person with #narcolepsy? #Nchat

A3. Something very loud and needs lots of attention #Nchat

A3. Maybe an emotional support animal? Especially for ppl w/ recent diagnosis. Ive wanted to ask my dr about it, I know my pup helps! #nchat

A3. a pet that requires minimal effort. HA HA! I have some pretty self sufficient cats that I enjoy napping with. #NCHAT

A3. A pet rock? They won’t die if you forget to feed them… #nchat

A3. A pet that does not need constant attention and is reasonably self-sufficient. Cat, fish (although not together). #nchat

A3: A cat. They can do their own thing without needing to be let out, having constant attention, ect. Or fish. #nchat

A3…. not sure a pet is what I’d be looking for. Would have to be capable of taking care of itself as well as me…. #nchat

A3. Probably a cat or small dog, to help determine if the hallucinations are real or not. #nchat

Probably need to wait for them to create the perfect robotic pet…. #nchat

A3: When my Scout was a puppy he was a better alarm than a bed shaker! #nchat

A3. It’s not a cat. All they do is make me sleep more. Snuggly kitties = nap. #nchat

A3. I love my beagles but they wake me up a lot at night. Annoys the shit out of me and then I have to attempt falling asleep again

A3. Dogs snoring + HH = mike freak out #Nchat

A3. #nchat not sure a pet is good idea. My a bird to whistle when you fall asleep??


  1. kristina garrison says:

    I have narcolepsy with cataplexy.I was diagnosed in 2012. My cataplexy has gotten worse. One year later this September I had an episode outside and wound up ingesting flies. I was sick for 2 days I’m not sure if it was from actually ingesting the Flies or the psychological effect of not being able to do anything about it. I keep a face mask in my pocket for outdoor chores. Lol

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