My Long Hiatus

Five months after my last post, I’m finally able to muster up some time and energy to provide an update.  I’m sorry I left you all hanging.  It has been a wild and crazy ride.  Here’s a hint:

Barefoot and Pregnant

Barefoot and Pregnant

That’s a 25 week baby bump I’m rocking!  I’m carrying a baby boy due July 2nd.  As such, I’ve been off all of my medications since August, including the medication I was taking to help with nighttime sleep and cataplexy.  I went into it fully aware of the possibility/likelihood of my symptoms returning, yet I still have days where I feel a bit discouraged and wonder what the heck I was thinking.  When the sleepiness becomes so heavy I feel as if something is physically weighing down my skull and the brain fog makes it hard to complete simple tasks,  mommy/wife guilt can be a tough force to beat.

Thankfully, pregnancy doesn’t last forever, and my husband has been a great support.  He builds me up when I’m feeling down and helps around the house.  I’m also thankful we already made the tough decision for me to stop working full time and start staying home.  There are so many unknowns with pregnancy for any woman, but when you’re also living with a chronic illness, it can be an especially stressful time.  We knew it was important for me to be able to rest when needed, to not have to drive much, and to reduce stress as much as possible – not just for me but for the baby, too.  So far, my little boy is as healthy as can be, kicking around all the time to let me know he’s there.

I’ve been keeping little notes here and there about topics I’d like to address since there is a huge lack of information for women with narcolepsy who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.  My experience is just one experience, of course, but if I can get the discussions started and create a place for other women to share their experiences, perhaps we can prompt further research into this area.  (And hopefully it won’t be another five months before I’m able to post again.)  In the very least, we can provide support and be a positive voice for one another.  That’s my hope anyway.  :)


If you’ve been pregnant with narcolepsy, how did your symptoms change during pregnancy?  Did they change again once the baby was born?  What tips do you have for other women with narcolepsy who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant?


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