A Hectic Week and a Time Out

The stars aligned, and I have the house to myself this morning. Well, I should correct myself. The dog and I have the house to ourselves. But she’s a napping sort of dog, the perfect companion for a napping sort of person. At any rate, when my husband told me that he and his dad were taking the kids for the morning, I made plans for myself. I was going to go get a fancy, overpriced coffee, go to some thrift stores to look for old junk to restore (as if I have the time do that), get supplies for this month’s “mama school” theme (I do some loosely structured activities with my son to keep us both occupied and happy), and maybe even pick up a couple of new shirts and pairs of shorts for myself (because it’s still hot here in Arizona and I’m tired of feeling frumpy).

Here is a picture of the napping sort of dog.


I took the dog for a walk and then took one of the longest showers ever. I even blow dried my hair. (Shocking! Most of the time, I don’t even bother with that.) As I was just getting ready to put the dog in her kennel and get my shoes on to leave, my husband sent me a text message. “I have your wallet and keys.”

Apparently, I forgot to take my stuff out of the diaper bag before shuffling my husband and kids out of the house this morning. Well, okay, then. New plan! So, here I am, watching a girly movie and blogging. NOT working. NOT cleaning. RELAXING! Taking a time out. And really, this is probably how I should spend this morning because I am worn out.

This was a hectic week. Both of my kids got sick. My 7 year old stayed home from school for two days. It isn’t a big deal, except I’ve gotten to the point where ANY time without my kids feels like a break, even if I’m working while they are gone. I suppose all moms and dads feel this way! My son went to his grandmother’s house on Monday as scheduled, but I still didn’t get to fully disengage from motherhood and focus solely on work that day. Days like that are especially tiring.


A sleepy mama with her two babes.

Monday night, my dog, Daisy, got attacked by another, much bigger dog. I was out walking with her and my son. My son was riding in the stroller. Across the street, I heard quick footsteps, like someone was jogging. Suddenly, I heard, “NO! Bella, come!” I turned to see a Husky coming right at us. I had no idea if the dog was friendly or not, so I quickly turned the stroller away, putting myself between my son and the dog. The Husky went right for Daisy, pinning her to the ground. I think she was trying to play, but the difference in size was such that she was holding my dog down to the ground and hurting her. The owner finally pulled the Husky off and put a leash on her. I was livid. There are leash laws for a reason, people! I looked Daisy over to make sure she was okay and went home. The only thing I noticed was a small scratch on her belly.

On Tuesday, I had my two kids at home plus my niece came over for the day. My niece is almost 3, and is in this phase right now where pretty much everything is scary. Bugs are scary. My tiny dog who just wants belly rubs and naps is scary. Taking a nap is scary. Even certain toys are scary. Not only that, she spends a lot of time with my son, and sometimes they treat each other like annoying siblings instead of fun cousins. Jack will simply look at her and she’ll say, “Aunt Heather!!!! He’s BOTHERING ME!” Most of the time, my son ignores her and goes about his business, but on Tuesday, he was also whiny since he was coming down with the same virus as his sister. I was exhausted by the time I put the toddlers down for naps.

As I said, my niece is scared of many things right now. She decided the pack n’ play in the guest room was scary, so I offered to take a nap with her in the guest bed. She spent the next 25-ish minutes alternating between trying to bargain with me to get out of bed and throwing a fit because I wouldn’t accept  her offers. She finally stopped crying, yawned, and was immediately asleep. I was jusssssst drifting off to sleep when I heard my son crying. No nap for me!

Tuesday afternoon, my husband was petting Daisy and noticed her tail had a kink in it. I’m guessing it happened the night before when she had the scuffle with the Husky. I did not even think to check her tail when I was looking her over the night before. Thankfully, she didn’t seem bothered by it, so my husband’s Facebook friend who is a vet said we could wait until we could get her into see the regular vet. Tuesday was also my husband’s birthday, but we didn’t do much to celebrate since I was so sleepy and it was during the week.

Wednesday…. I don’t even remember Wednesday, except that I went to physical therapy and finally got clearance to try some light yoga at home to see it bothers my hips. Oh, and we went to Open House at my daughter’s school, where my poor son was really starting to feel awful and made things a little difficult. I had mom-guilt because I couldn’t completely focus on my daughter as she was taking us around he classroom, proudly showing us her contributions. That happens a lot. The mom-guilt, I mean. I started some homemade sauce to make lasagna for my husband. I forgot all about it and left it simmering on the stove when I went to bed. Good thing my husband noticed it and put it away so that I didn’t ruin the next day’s dinner and possibly start a fire. I find that I’m having a lot of memory issues like this lately, probably due to being so sleepy. Also, my scalp psoriasis started flaring up as it does when I am stressed.

On Thursday, I took Daisy to the vet. Thankfully, she’s fine. The tip of her tail is dislocated, but it would have hurt even more to reset it since it had already been a few days. Yep, poor little Daisy will spend the rest of her life with a crooked tail. She also had some soft tissue damage in the middle of her tail, so we got some anti-inflammatory medication. The vet said she may also have a hernia, but for now, we’re just keeping an eye on it. It never occurred to me that dogs get hernias. I felt so awful when the vet was feeling around and Daisy yelped. We adopted Daisy just a couple of weeks ago, and she’s already broken. Yep, mom-guilt. We were supposed to have my in-laws over for dinner, but my niece and my son were sick and grumpy. I was actually happy that I did not have to finish making lasagna.

Friday was another crazy day. My daughter had the day off from school. My son was still sick and grumpy. We had my in-laws over for dinner. The lasagna turned out well from what my family said. (It wasn’t gluten free or dairy free, so I couldn’t eat it) Oh, and I ran over Daisy’s tail with the stroller. OMG, that poor dog! She didn’t even flinch. I felt the mom-guilt yet again. I went to bed feeling like I may be catching a cold. On the plus side, I tried a new recipe for gluten free, dairy free chocolate cookies, and they turned out great. I did not leave any appliances on before going to bed.

Yesterday, my husband went hunting with his dad. The kids and I hung out around the house all morning. Jack was super whiny, and Julianne was mopey because she wanted to play with her friend but I said not until later. Then, later came, and we decided to go grocery shopping. The moping continued since she did not get to play with her friend all day. I got lucky and did not end up coming down the a cold yet. However, I had caffeine too late in the day and it affected my nighttime sleep in a very negative way.

Sooo…..yeah…I feel fortunate to have some time to myself today. This week was only slightly crazier than normal, really, and after so many weeks of taking care of my family, I need some time to take care of myself. After all, a mama has to rest up for the next hectic week.

I want to hear from you! How do you take time for yourself? Do you feel like you have enough time to practice self-care? 


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