PT Week 5 : It wasn’t supposed to be this long…

I’ve never been good at relaxing.  My husband gets onto me quite often because even when I’m struggling to hold my own head up or my eyes open, I still try to push through the fogginess.  However, it doesn’t work in my favor.  When I try to push too hard to stay awake, I end up needing to make up for it later by sleeping away a good chunk of the day.  I’ve found that recovering from an injury is a lot like that.  The more I try to push through pain and speed things up, the less I actually recover.

This week was week five of physical therapy.  It wasn’t supposed to be this long, but I spent so long running through my pain that I was messed up beyond what four weeks would fix.  Thankfully, this week was perhaps a turning point since I have been experiencing a lot less pain the last three days even after doing two hours of water and land physical therapy on Wednesday.  I’ve done so well over the last week that Jen discharged me from water therapy.   Hooray!  With any luck, next week will be the last week of land therapy, though I suspect I’ll have two more weeks.

In addition to going to PT twice last week, I visited the chiropractor again.  I was supposed to go three times this week, but since I was feeling so much better, I decided against it.  I am scared to overdo anything, especially when it comes to someone moving around my anatomy.  It still freaks me out.   Obviously, it must have helped, but still…..

I’ve also been much better about icing and about getting up and moving around.  Sitting for prolonged periods still bothers my back.

This has certainly been a long road.  I’m happy that things seem to finally improving.  I finally feel like I’m on my way to being able to start jogging soon.  Hopefully, I’ll treat my body a little bit better this time and allow it to rest when needed.  I hate to admit it, but maybe I need to start listening to my husband more…. 😉

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