Beautiful Things

I ran on Monday.  :)

I watched my daughter do a really great pliet squat in ballet class last Saturday.  She was so excited that she finally got her feet to cooperate.

I’m slowly learning to use food as a means of nourishment, paying close attention to how foods affect my level of sleepiness.  It is empowering to feel some sort of control, even if it is marginal.  Still, I have mad cravings for a Krispy Kreme donut…but I have confidence those will subside with time.

I have been lacking in blog posts, but I have been busy behind the scenes and have much to share in the coming weeks, including some wonderful responses I’ve received since I’ve started reaching out to area school district nurses about spotting signs of sleep issues in children and teens.

My husband and I have planned a week off from work in May.

What are some beautiful things that have happened to you lately?


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