Monday Motivation

I ran today. Well, more like a shuffle. I felt weighed down, sluggish, and my breathing was out of control. After taking several weeks off due to injury and then a few more due to a nasty cold, I am officially out of shape again and slow as a snail. The pace of my first mile was a terrible 12:30. It’s like starting allllll over again.

At one point, I felt really discouraged as I stopped to walk for a few seconds and wait for the light to change. If you’re like me, a good song is an instant mood lifter. It’s especially awesome when it seems to come out of nowhere on your playlist of thousands of songs. Today, it was Electric Guest’s “This Head I Hold”. It was really strange how the song started to play just as the light turned green. I quit feeling sorry for myself and started jogging again, feeling determined to make it just a little bit farther.

The road to becoming a runner is rough. There are aches and pains. There are moments when you wonder what the hell you’re doing because you can’t seem to turn over in bed for fear it will cause your sore muscles to contract. Oh yes, there are moments when you want to give up and go back to walking on the treadmill or you think about hopping on that elliptical instead of going on for a run in the great outdoors. But there’s something about running that cannot be mimicked by treadmills or ellipticals or even walking outside. Running requires guts. Fortitude. (I think realizing this is what MAKES a person a runner, not a specific time or distance…)

I remember not even being able to run a half a mile without feeling the need to stop and walk. I remember running 5K on the treadmill without stopping for the first time last July and being ecstatic, even though it took me almost 41:00. I remember getting under 34:00 in my last 5K that I ran with my husband on our anniversary. (Nothing says happy anniversary better than a race registration!) I KNOW the road will get easier. I just have to keep running, making sure that there are some good tunes to be heard along the way.

If you’re finding it difficult to stick to running, check your playlist. It’s amazing what a good list of songs will do for your motivation. (The same is true when trying to muster up motivation to combat sleepiness!)

What songs do you turn to when you need a good dose of motivation?


  1. I think it’s not so much a particular song I turn to when I need motivation as it is a type of music. If I’m having a rough morning, I turn Pandora radio to bubblegum pop.

    If I’m having trouble getting off the couch to work out, I turn on really fast paced electronic music.

    When I was traveling around and still able to drive, there’s a British artist named Patrick Wolf who had an album called The Bachelor. I would crank up his encouraging songs, or that of a group called VNV.

  2. And congrats on sticking with the running! I used to run and it’s definitely a rewarding challenge.

    • Heather says:

      How come you don’t run anymore? It is really hard some days, especially since I do not go run outside when I’m really fatigued (I tend to get lost easily), but overall, I think it has helped with my energy level. If I lived near you, I’d take you running! :)

      • Ha thanks. I run in spurts. These past few months have been really tough for various reasons- in addition to school, I was figuring out how to get SSI disability and Medicaid got cancelled which left me without any medication…

        I also get shin splints no matter how many different pair of shoes I try, so I’ve been strengthening the front of my shins. It must be the way I was built.

        I certainly appreciate the sentiment!

        • Heather says:

          Shin splints….yuck. I dealt with them during the winter during a holiday running streak. Come to think of it, that streak probably didn’t help my back and probably contributed to my injury lol. I don’t know why I just now drew that conclusion.

          Dude, spurts are better than nothing!!

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