Making a Comeback for the Mighty Melody Miracle Marthon/10K/5K

Is it possible to schedule a comeback? I just did!

Prior to messing up my back, I’d registered for a race every month through the month of June. Of course, I missed the February, March, and April races. However, this May race…..I just can’t let it go.

Melody Unger, the beneficiary of the Mighty Melody Miracle Marathon race, is the tiniest hero I’ve seen. One year ago this month, she was born at just 23 weeks. That’s 17 weeks early! Her chances of survival were not the greatest as you can imagine, so as she fought to overcome obstacle after obstacle, she earned the nickname “Mighty Melody”. Fitting, don’t you think? :)

Tragically, Melody’s mommy passed away in October, just three days after Mighty Melody finally got to got go home. Her daddy is left with his wife’s and his daughter’s medical expenses from Melody’s birth, as well as continuing medical care for Melody.

I don’t know the Ungers. I’ve never met them. I follow their Facebook Page and have since the day their website was launched to reach out to the community for help and to share Melody’s story. Seeing that little baby truckin’ along has inspired ME to keep moving, and I can’t imagine NOT being there for the race. It’s even MORE awesome because there will also be a birthday celebration for Miss Melody. How cool is that?!

Originally, I’d signed up for the 10K race, but the awesome people putting together the race are letting me move my registration over to the 5K. Therefore, on May 19th, I’ll be running/jogging/walking/crawling the 5K race.

Thank you, Unger family, for letting us be a small part of your journey, and thank you, nice race directors, for letting me switch races.

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