A Missed Race and a Medal

After all that talk and all that work getting myself pumped up, I ended up missing today’s race. However, mom-life trumps all other aspects of life, and my baby girl had a gymnastics thing today. I totally messed up and thought the race was in the morning, but they didn’t start the 5K until 1:00. I thought I could make it or at least leave gymnastics early, but once I saw how happy my little girl was to show her moves to the family, I couldn’t leave. Plus, she got a medal – her very first medal!


She looked so proud of herself. My knees were wobbly as I watched my daughter take her spot up on the mat. My head tingled as I took photos; I’m not even sure any of them turned out well.

I was so happy I stayed to watch her receive her medal. There will always be another race to run, but my girl is growing far too quickly, and I don’t want to miss out on any of it.

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