Monday Motivation: Finding the Positive Amongst the Negative

Whew, what a day! Sorry this post is so late.


I love this! A friend of mine pinned this on Pinterest. I ended up going to the blog it came from – Hot Mess Princess – and I LOVE this lady. I’m diggin’ her blog about her weight loss journey and the honesty that pours from her fingers as she writes. It’s glorious, and I can’t wait to read more.

Many have said they appreciate my positive approach in managing my narcolepsy diagnosis. Believe me, it’s not an everyday thing. Sometimes I’m super negative and throw pity parties for myself. Sometimes I whine. Sometimes I am a grumpy, nap-needing tyrant, blaming everything on everyone. It’s those days that I feel the most tired. As long as I can find one positive thing about each day, I feel a tiny bit better. In fact, I’m such an advocate of finding something good about every single day that I’ve incorporated this into my daughter’s bedtime routine over the last few months. Each night I put her to bed (hubby and I alternate), I ask her, “What was your favorite thing you did today?” Today she answered, “I liked snuggling with you when we watched Buzz and Woody.” Usually, even when I’m grumpy, her positive thing changes my negative thinking to positive thinking.

What was YOUR favorite thing you did today?

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