Renovations Galore

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet the last couple of weeks. Lots has been happening in my little corner of this great planet. I’m in the midst of several renovation projects – in my house, in my diet, in my medicine cabinet – you name it, it’s probably being renovated.

Hubby’s parents came down and stayed with us for two weeks. They are in Arizona, so we are lucky to see them a few times a year. However, we put them to work this time. First, we planted about a dozen more plants and put down 1.5 truckloads of mulch. (When I saw “we” I mostly mean “hubby and father-in-law”). Next up, we decided to redo one of our bathrooms. Talk about a giant mess! Nothing ever goes right when you undertake a home improvement project. We were at Lowe’s no less than two times a day for a week! It still isn’t quite done; we need to grout and put the fixtures in. I’ll post before and after pictures when it is done because I’m really proud of them, especially since this was their first tiling project.

During my week off, I started a new nighttime medication called Xyrem. The decision to go on this particular medication was a tough one for me. Some of the possible side-effects weren’t appealing (who wants to take a medication that may make you wet the bed at 28 years old). After talking with the sleep specialist at my last appointment, I decided to give it a try. As long as my nighttime sleep is so fragmented, I’ll have a hard time of combating the excessive daytime sleepiness. It is also supposed to help with the cataplexy attacks that have worsened and increased in frequency.

The first few nights were unchanged. I tossed and turned about the same amount. Mornings were now even more unplesant because I woke up feeling hungover. Nausea, dizzines, headaches, muscle cramps…no fun. Given the high sodium content, I started drinking more water to alleviate the muscle cramps. Then, things slowly started to change with my sleep. Before, I used to wake up about 20 minutes after I fell asleep. I started sleeping longer, but I wasn’t making it to the alarm set for the second dose (four hours after the first). Then, I started making it to the alarm, but I was still waking up several times during the second half of the night. After a week, I increased the dosage. The side-effects escalated. I started feeling motion sickness while turning over in bed. There were some nights I thought I was going to vomit and was afraid I’d have to vomit right where I was (in bed) because I was too dizzy and disoriented to get up. Now, it’s been two weeks and I’m happy to report most of that has died down. I still wake up a few times a night, but it’s a lot less than before. I still feel dizzy when I roll over. I still have very little appetite most of the day and have lost a few pounds. However, this morning, I felt something I haven’t felt in years. I woke up at 6am and felt slightly refreshed. Yes, I said it. I felt almost REFRESHED. That hasn’t happened for YEARS. I got out of bed, took a shower, and felt more awake than I have in a long time. I forgot my morning dose of ritalin and still managed not to fall asleep until 1:30pm. That is HUGE progress. It is now almost bedtime and I’m not fighting as hard as usual to make it.

In addition to trying a new medication and redoing the bathroom, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and how I want to run it. Be prepared for some major changes coming up that I hope will allow me to reach more people. It’s going to come slowly since I do work full time and am starting another eight week class towards my degree, but it will get done eventually. I hope it turns out as awesome as it is in my mind.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” I’m not sure who said it first, but they were right!

Are you renovating any part of your life at the moment?

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