Wednesday Words of Wisdom for the Weary: HH, Dream, or Real?

This week, I am the one that needs some words of wisdom. :)

Last night, hubby came to bed at around 1:00am. It woke me up when he got in bed. Since it had been about 2.5 hours since the first dose of Xyrem, it was still in my system. I tried to wake up to say hi to him.  (He had just gotten home from being away for work.)   I think I managed a grunt or something…not sure. A little later I think I feel my arm itching, so I reach up to scratch it, only I cannot feel my arm at all. It’s numb. I open my eyes and see that I really am scratching my arm, but I really can’t feel my fingers touching my arm. What seems like a few minutes later, I feel my nose itching. Same thing, I scratch it, but I can’t feel myself scratching it. Isn’t that the weirdest thing? Even stranger is that this has happened on two separate nights.

So, what do you think? Was I in a state of hypnogogia and just thinking these things were happening? Was I dreaming my arm was itching and that I was scratching it? Was I really completely numb from the Xyrem?

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