Just Blame the Treadmill

In my post about starting Operation: ME, I said I was going to run this past Saturday.  It didn’t happen.  It didn’t happen Sunday either.  It was a sleepy weekend.  Because I’ve been such a grump lately, the hubs and I had a nice heart to heart on Sunday where I came clean about all the junk that has been bothering me.  One of those pieces of junk cluttering my mind was the lack of time to exercise.  He and I both know I felt much, much better – physically and emotionally – when I ran consistently.  His solution?  Let’s both wake up at 6am and go work out together.  This way, we can motivate each other.

When the alarm went of at 6am, I heard the hubs press a bunch of buttons, suggesting that he was setting it for a later time.  HA!  Seizing the opportunity to use my competitive streak as motivation, I got up.  Let me tell you, 6am for a person with narcolepsy is hard.  Really hard!  The hubs heard me and got up as well.  Perhaps he was right in that we could motivate each other. 😉

As I started walking to warm up, I thought, “Gosh, this feels faster than 3.0 miles per hour.”  I walked for five minutes to warm up before starting to jog at a comfortable pace….of 4.0 mph.  Flabbergasted at how fast my feet were moving already, I kept it at that pace for a bit.  It was a couple of minutes into my jog before the hubs came down to join me.   “I think the treadmill is wrong.”  I said.  Seeing the little sparkle appear in his eye when he’s getting ready to raz me, I prepared for a smart-alecky comment.  “Oh?  Feels maybe like 4.4?”  Knowing he was mocking me but really feeling that I was right I said, “At least.  Maybe even 4.6.”  I wish I could have taken a photograph of his expression right then and also of mine.  He was laughing on the inside; I was not.

Eventually, I fell into a rhythm and increased the pace to 4.4 and then 4.6.  It took me over 13:00 to run my mile this morning.  I was too pissed off to write down the actual time.  I STILL think that little old knock-off brand IS a little bit off, but I also think I had one of the most humbling runs of all-time.  It’s going to be a challenge to get back in the groove to where I’m running 4-6 miles at a time around a 10:30 pace like I was doing before my back injury almost a year ago.  Oy.  I do wonder if I was also a bit slower since I did just roll out of bed.

Tomorrow is his turn on the ‘mill while I use the Bowflex for some strength training, assuming the sinus headach I’m rocking today goes away.   If he doesn’t run as fast as he’d like, he is NOT allowed to just blame the treadmill.

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