Tracking Food Intake and Exercise the FUN Way: Introduction to Slimkicker

Recently, I was introduced to a fairly new website called Slimkicker to track diet and exercise.  Since I went on Xyrem back in May, it has become a necessity to track my sodium intake in order to make sure I don’t go overboard during the day so that I don’t have awful muscle cramps when I add sodium from the Xyrem.  Then, I started dropping weight quickly, so it became even more important to track calorie intake to see just how much I was eating and if was the reason for the weight loss.  Finally, I decided to experiment with the number of carbohydrates to see if a low-carb diet had any impact on my narcolepsy symptoms.  For all these reasons, plus the fact that I find it oddly interesting to know exactly what I’m eating and how it breaks down in terms of sugar, fiber, fat, etc, I’ve grown accustomed to tracking.  First, I started out on Lose It.  Next came MyFitnessPal, which suited my needs in terms of a robust database and nifty graphs.  But none of them offered some of the features that I have grown to love on Slimkicker.  After using it for a little over a month, I knew I had to share it with my readers.

Slimkicker offers you a chance to reward yourself based on how well you are eating and exercising by introducing a points system.  It’s dieting and exercising meets roll playing game with challenges thrown in for extra points – some of them are even giveaway challenges!

When you first create a profile, you get to pick a reward for meeting Level 1.  It can be one that they’ve suggested, like purchasing a new iTunes song for yourself or a new handbag, or you can upload a photo of something else.   At each level, you can keep the same reward, or you may change it at any time.  I’m currently at Level 3 and working toward my third iTunes song.   Now that it’s taking longer to reach subsequent levels, I may choose something a bit bigger next time.  Here’s what my dashboard looks like:

Once you start tracking food, you start earning those points.  One of my favorite things about this website is that it offers alternatives for some of the foods you eat.  For example, here I chose skim milk.  I was awarded a point and offered hemp milk as an alternative.  I’ve never even heard of hemp milk.

Because not all foods are created equally healthy, not all foods have the same point value.   For example, boneless skinless chicken breast got me twelve points due to being a good source of protein.  You’ll also notice that the site gave me additional information on choosing chicken.

By having the different point values, you are encouraged to make better food choices.  Sure, you’ll get a point for eating a piece of candy, but you’ll get 21 points if you eat a healthier, tastier muffin made from almond flour.  Plus, you’ll still calm that sweet tooth!

Another advantage to using Slimkicker is the Challenges section of the website.  Here, you can find a variety of different challenges to sign up for – willpower, emotional, fitness, nutritional, and giveaway challenges.  If you don’t find one to suit your needs you may create your own.  Challenges are a great way to, well, challenge yourself, as well as rack up those points to get to the next level.  I absolutely LOVE that they have a challenge to help people get a little more sleep!

I have completed two challenges so far, and they were not easy!  What I liked even more than getting the points was reading the e-mail that came after I completed the challenge that explained why that particular challenge activity should be incorporated long-term.

As much as I enjoy the site, there is one drawback.  Because it is newer than other tracking sites, their database isn’t as complete.  However, their mobile app is extremely user-friendly, so foods can be created quickly and easily.  I’ve also added recipes for things I make routinely, as well as favorites for items I eat frequently.  I  have not explored the groups section of the site, nor have I been tracking much exercise here yet.

If you’re looking for a fun way to track your food intake and exercise, give Slimkicker a try!  Let me know what you think!

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