Officially in Training Mode

Last weekend marked eight weeks until the Children’s TLC Groundhog Run. This is the race my husband and I ran together last year and decided we would do annually as part of our anniversary celebration. He and I have been so fortunate to have a beautiful life together that we wanted to find a way to give back, thus the tradition was born.

This past week, I kicked off my training, working to make sure I ran three days and did two days of strength training. Although I had a hectic schedule and some rather sleepy days, I met my training goals and am feeling really positive about running again. I don’t love it again yet, but I am starting to feel stronger and like it is less work.  This pretty much sums up running for me these days:


My biggest accomplishment this week was learning how to make treadmill runs a little less hideous. I’ve written before about my hatred of the treadmill. It’s super boring, and I get frustrated at wanting to run faster and farther but not quite being ready yet. Two of my runs were on the treadmill this week. Ugh. All hope was not lost, though, because I had an idea of how to force myself to stop watching the numbers. Post-it-notes did the trick! By covering up the speed and the distance, I was able to concentrate on matching my pace with what felt right. That took some pressure off of me and allowed me to take extra care not to overdo it since I’m just getting into it again. It worked like a charm! I increased my speed gradually as I ran and ended up with a little over 2 miles in 24:37. That’s farther and a bit faster than in the weeks prior! By not pushing myself too soon and letting my body properly warm up, I ran better and had no pain. Genius!

I’m in much better spirits after completing a week of consistent workouts. My naps were more refreshing and my appetite was better this week. I really wish I would have kept being physically active as a priority and not let my injury and my sleepiness be excuses to be out of it for so long. Hindsight is 20/20.

This next week, I’d like to run four days and do two strength workouts. It’s going to be tough since I’ve got some other appointments during the day, but I know I can do it.

Do you have any tricks for getting through tough workouts or things you aren’t particularly fond of? Do you have any anniversary traditions you’d like to share?


  1. Jim Brennan says:

    So you are a member of the treadmill haters society of America, too. I can’t think of a more boring workout, but was forced to use them many times traveling on business and didn’t have time to drive to a local trail. I’d mix it up, 2-3 minutes at different paces, different inclines and near sprints in between. It wasn’t perfect, but it made it a tad less boring. I have one in my basement collecting dust. Nevertheless, you sound like you are on the right track with your training, and it’s great that your mate is your training partner. Cool!

  2. Jill says:

    I too hate the “deadmill”. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! I do the same as Jim. Intervals and anything to mix it up. I found a great running game a few months ago called “Zombies, Run!” They have both a 5k training game and a regular game. I play it while running outside. But I hear people play it on the “deadmill” too. It would definitely make it more interesting! Good luck with this week’s goals I know you can do it!
    PS. exercise seems to give me some relieve from my EDS. So that can be another motivator to get out there even though you’re busy and tired!

    • Heather says:

      “Deadmill” is a great term! Intervals and different inclines definitely do help. I’ve never heard of the “Zombies, Run!” game. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tips!

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