Interruption in Regularly Scheduled Posting

I’ve been trying to write a post for the past three days, yet everything going on in my own life seems so unimportant in light of the events in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. As a mother and someone with a large capacity for empathy, it has been difficult to watch the news or to even visit social media websites. The photographs of those innocent babies and adults that were so ruthlessly taken from this world are haunting me in my dreams. I cannot tell you how many dreams I’ve had the last few days where I try to save my daughter but cannot. Ugh. It has been emotionally taxing to the point where I slept hardcore yesterday morning for over an hour and then took my usual afternoon nap. I did the same thing Saturday morning, though part of the extra sleepiness could be due to the fact that last week was a little hectic.

I’m happy to be off work this week and plan on spending some time with my little one, making Christmas treats for her preschool class party on Friday. Dropping her off in the mornings is a little scary now, I’ll admit. I have not complained about being late, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m off work this week. It has everything to do with wanting to enjoy every precious second I have with my daughter. I cannot imagine the hellish days ahead for those parents what with Christmas coming in just a week.

I will get back to my usual posts soon. I just had to get this out.


  1. Jim Brennan says:

    You can never go wrong with a hug.

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