Before you can move forward, you gotta remember where you’ve been

Beautiful motivation to stay awake

With two days to go until the Virtual Run/Walk for Narcolepsy, it occurred to me that I’ve neglected to share MY story…. I’ve been a sleepy person as long as I can remember. My parents were divorced and lived three hours apart, meaning we had to make weekend trips once a month to go visit […]

Pre-Race Jitters

Fully charged Garmin Forerunner? Check. New running shoes broken in this week? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Spunky new running skirt? Check! Confidence? Confidence? Uh…hello? Where are you, Confidence? Must be sleeping… Tomorrow is the Mighty Melody Miracle Marathon/10K/5K/Fun Run – my first race since January. As always, I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to […]

Checking Myself Before I Wreck Myself

A mile and a half into my treadmill run yesterday, I felt a twinge in my lower back. The pain crept through my left glute, into my hip, and down my leg. Knowing it meant a flare up of sciatica, I stopped immediately and sat in the floor to begin stretching. My hip popped as […]

Making a Comeback for the Mighty Melody Miracle Marthon/10K/5K

Is it possible to schedule a comeback? I just did! Prior to messing up my back, I’d registered for a race every month through the month of June. Of course, I missed the February, March, and April races. However, this May race…..I just can’t let it go. Melody Unger, the beneficiary of the Mighty Melody […]